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Maine Coons are extremely intelligent felines. This intelligence is what makes them such excellent family friends and family pets. They are a huge type of cat but enjoy the focus as well as love from their proprietors equally as much as any other domesticated animal would certainly. They also have remarkably soft fur, particularly for a big type of pet cat, which is why they make such great pets for individuals that dislike cats. Not only do they have soft fur, but they also seldom shed due to their lengthy fur that covers their body in its entirety. This implies that you will be without hair globs around your home when you cope with a Maine Coon Feline!

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Maine Coons For Sale. The Maine Coon is a large, gentle, intelligent, and affectionate breed. They have long bodies with broad chests and substantial bone structure. These cats are fastidious about grooming themselves and may need to be groomed by the owner to keep their fur from matting. Their coats come in a range of colors including black, silver, brown tabby stripes and red tabby stripes with white undercoats on the chest area. The coat’s length varies from short hair to semi-long hair. Maine Coons love human companionship but can be independent as well. They are generally quiet but will talk up a storm if they want something! This breed is often referred to as an “easy keeper”, meaning that they don’t need much care beyond what owners usually give any pet (food, water dish) except occasional brushing when shedding season arrives each year and annual checkups at the veterinarian’s office for shots or other needs.



Domestic Short Hair
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Adult – Male


Maine Coons are very intelligent pet cats. This intelligence is what makes them such wonderful household friends and also family pets. They are a big breed of cat yet take pleasure in the interest and love from their proprietors equally as much as any other tamed animal would..


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Rescuing Animals

Kittycoons was founded in 2007 and treats each rescue animal as part of their family. The facility has a strict no-kill policy and any Cats that are too old or too sick to be re-homed are placed in permanent foster care.

Pet Licensing

We offer Licenses for our cats and ensure they are 100% healthy. 

Spay & Neuter

Kittycoons offers affordable spaying and neutering for cats  at our full-service pet hospitals.

Rehoming a maine coon

Kittycoons Registered breeder of Maine coon. All kittycats were elevated inside with children. All colours as well as patterns available.

Maine Coon Breed Information

Maine Coon kitten is recognised by its look of the wild with tall lynx tipped ears, prominent ruff, and robust bone structure. Our breeding coons can produce polydactyl kittens, blue-eyed kittens, and the majestic black smoke color.

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Maine Coon Cat, Maine Coon kitten. The Maine Coon Cat is a large breed of domestic cat originating in the state of Maine and developed from a mix of longhaired cats introduced to the area by Europeans. They are known for their intelligence, gentle disposition, and “clownish” appearance.